About Us

We are French.

In France we had our own bakery called “Ma Brioche Claude”.
The bakery specialised in special breads and speciality cakes and pastries.
We had the bakery for 13 years and had many loyal and frequent customers and many catering jobs. We were happy participants in our local festivities. Weddings, birthdays, christenings and more.
As well as ourselves we employed four pastry chefs and five lovely ladies that took care of our customers. We all worked like one happy family. It was a bitter sweet decision to sell the bakery after thirteen years and take the family traveling and leave our friends and customers behind.
But we are happy that we did. The journey led us here, to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and the lovely people here.


Before we came here and decided to stay, we lived in Vietnam. There, in a place called Hue, I volunteered as a chef, training young orphans in the skill of baking. Their training in French bakery enabled them to work as apprentices in five start hotels and improve their lives. My wife Yveline, hand crafted bags with the kids. The bags were sold at the bakery and the money provide the kids with daily milk.  After six months we decided to stay longer and we did. We stayed for two years.
We developed the French patisserie to help the orphans in partnership with a local woman and after two years, we decided to move to a different country, Cambodia.


In Cambodia, I worked in a French bakery called “The blue pumpkin”, in Siem Reap. The aim was to teach the already well known bakery in French baking techniques. While living in Cambodia, our son was born. Jules was born in Sien Reap and his childhood was spent among the happy, for ever smiling locals. We wanted to find a country with similar vibe of friendliness but more modern and developed. So after four years of beautiful life in Cambodia, we made our way to Australia.


I got employed, applying for a job advertised at the Chouquette in Brisbane. We fell in love with Australia and the desire to live by the beach took us to the Sunshine Coast. I worked as an executive chef at the restaurant here in Coolum beach and after two years decided to buy it and put my true signature on it and make it our own.
We love this place. There is no better spot to raise our son and enjoy life. We have met the best of people and made the best of friends.
Life is good.